Vinyl Flooring India


Planning to redecorate your commercial space with an all new improved vinyl floor? If changing your vinyl flooring is on your agenda, then it's time to head over to Polyflor, the ultimate provider of vinyl flooring India. Our vinyl floors boast of state of the art technology and have been specially designed from experts in UK. With such a variety of designs, aesthetics and appearances, we have never had to compromise on quality, price or the availability of our vinyl flooring varieties.

Best Use of Vinyl Wood Flooring

Ideal for heavy traffic applications like the health care industry, retail and educational avenues, Polyflor caters to all. Our network is spread all over India, with our main dominating presence in states like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, NCR, Chennai, Pune and Calcutta, amongst others.

Polyflor - Vinyl Hardwood Flooring

Polyflor flooring offers enhanced usage capabilities along with providing a value for money when it comes to pleasing customers. Each vinyl floor comes equipped with the following properties:

  1. Anti microbial
  2. Stain proof
  3. Anti slip
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Eco friendly

With so many features all rolled into one, vinyl hardwood floorings have become an instant hit with the masses as well as the classes. As the use of such floors takes an all new turn with every available industry in the market, it's without doubt that the use for these magnificent floors will seek its true position in the market very soon while putting an to other forms of flooring options.

The benefit of our vinyl floorings is simple. Each vinyl coating is 100% abrasion resistant and is ideally classified in the top European wear category, making it an instant hit with areas of high commercial footfall.

As you choose from our wide range of multi faceted designs, ideas and colors, we expose you to a new world full of differential dimensional floorings. We promise to leave you stunned with our excellent interiors that will keep you, as well as your customers, always enticed with our exuberant designs. So what are you waiting for? Come right in and explore our new range of vinyl floorings.



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